Where to Find Classrooms

The CTU room numbering has a unified form—building:block-room. For example, T2:D3-209 or T9:301.

Building T9—Thákurova 9 (the New Building CTU)
Building block D3—the block of the T2 building
Room 301—the first digit identifies the floor of the building

T9—Thákurova 9 (the New Building CTU)

  • the auditoriums 105, 107, 111, and 115 on the first floor
  • classrooms, the Office of Study, the Dean’s Office, and the Office of Public Relations on the 3rd floor

TK—National Library of Technology

  • the BS auditorium (the Balling Hall)
  • the computer classroom PU1 on the 4th floor

TH:A—Thákurova 7, block A (the A building)

  • TH:A-s135—the downstairs room on the Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE)
  • FIT resides the 9th–14th floor
  • classrooms and laboratories
  • departments and teachers’ offices

T2—Technická 2

T4—Technická 4

More information about the rooms where the FIT instruction is held, you can find on https://timetable.fit.cvut.cz.

Designation of the Other Units

  • JP—Jugoslávských partizánů 3 and 5: the Rector’s Office and the Technical Canteen
  • JU—Pod Juliskou 4
  • KN—Karlovo náměstí 13

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