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Reasoning About Programs: Soundness Revisited

Prof. Jan Vitek – photo

Prof. Jan Vítek, Head of FIT Programming Research Lab, gives a lecture at the 44th meeting of the Prague computer science seminar on October 17. He will overview the foundations of program analysis. He will touch on some key techniques and discuss their practical implications. He will conclude with a look at unsound techniques. Jan Vitek is a Professor at the Northeastern University and an ERC grant holder at FIT, where he is now looking at supporting scalable data analysis in R. The lecture takes place at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University.

Details on Reasoning About Programs: Soundness Revisited lecture

FIT Students Motivate Millions to Be Fit

Fitify - people

The FIT students, Martin Mazanec and Matouš Skála, created the start-up Fitify Workouts. Their new applications make personal workout plans and guide the user through individual workouts with video. The application has recently been successful in the AppParade mobile app competition. Last year, they created 18 million workout plans that burned a total of 2.4 billion calories. So far, they have been able to reach over 8 million users, catching up with the global competition.

FIT Develops a Portal to Facilitate Data Handling

Data Stewardship Wizard portal - illustrative photo

The Dutch node of the European Research Infrastructure for Life Sciences Data (ELIXIR) together with the Czech one, namely the FIT and the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, CAS, developed the Data Stewardship Wizard web portal. It makes work easier for researchers and Data Stewards in the current trend of massive growth in data volumes. That is extraordinary collaboration on solving one of the burning topics of today and the near future—big data. The Centre for Conceptual Modeling and Implementation participated in the project.

Press release on the portal Data Stewardship Wizard (only in Czech)

Two Doctoral Degrees in One Study

Collaboration with the University of Antwerp - banner

The Faculty of Information Technology has entered into partnership in science and research with the University of Antwerp. It culminated in the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on June 6. Thanks to the unique Doctoral Double Degree Programme, students with the software engineering specialisation can now graduate from both universities. The partner universities recognise the selected subjects of the study programme, and the study plan is designed to meet the requirements for awarding a diploma from both the home and the Belgian university.

Press release on collaboration with the University of Antwerp (only in Czech)

More Than Sixty Lectures at LinuxDays This Year

LinuxDays - full auditorium

The first weekend in October, Oct. 5–6, the eighth year of LinuxDays is held at FIT. The conference program will again offer lectures, practical workshops, and booths of interesting projects. Many Czech and foreign experts accepted the invitation to the event. Speakers will include the Linux kernel developer Vojtěch Pavlík or security experts Per Thorsheim and Michal Špaček. Two workshops will also be led by FIT employees Lukáš Bařinka and Tomáš Čejka. Participation is free of charge, but registration is required.

Read more about LinuxDays 2019 conference

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