Why Computer Science?

Computer Science is a beautiful and dynamically developing field which is an integral part of all spheres of our society. It changes our way of life dramatically, it opens new possibilities, and it has a dramatic impact on everything we do.

The production volume and employee count of ICT business is comparable to the automotive industry, and grows continuously. The number of ICT professionals in the Czech Republic and in the world is still insufficient.

By the way, establishing a new company is easier in ICT than in the automotive industry. Many of our students established such companies during studies. All you need is a clever idea for an innovative application, web service, etc.

Why our study programme?

Our study programme is aimed especially at applicants interested in the domains of Computer Science or Computer Engineering. It covers the most important Computer Science topics. Students are encouraged to select electives according to their future professional focus.

The main goal of our programme is to equip our graduates with a set of theoretical and practical knowledge in order to enable them to solve real-world problems using engineering methods and computers, or to study and develop more theoretical parts of computer science. Our graduates know how computers work, and why they work that way.

Thanks to the common European model of computer science education, our graduates can follow many paths after getting their Bachelor degree. They can choose to continue with their Master’s at FIT or anywhere else in the Czech Republic or abroad. Or, they can start pursuing their professional career in their chosen field.

Our study programme forms the foundation of a solid lifelong professional career. There is a strong demand for skilled professionals in the IT sector, so the chance of a good job is high. Knowledge gained in your study programme will also give you a solid basis for continued education in order to stay on top of the latest developments in this field.


Should you have any questions about our study programmes, please feel free to ask.

For questions related to the Bachelor degree programme: bachelor-admissions@fit.cvut.cz

For questions related to the Master degree programme: master-admissions@fit.cvut.cz

For questions related to the PhD programme, please contact the Office for Research.

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