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FIT nad Artificial intelligence

You probably noticed that year 2016 was the year of artificial intelligence. This year 2017 and all following ones will be also like that.
That is the reason why we have prepared new course Games and reinforcement learning (MI-GLR codename). The course will be in English and students of both bachelor and master programs are allowed to subscribe. So do not hesitate because the capacity is limited. You can learn more on reinforcement learning in this blog post.

Informatics Evenings

A series of lectures called Informatics Evenings has became a tradition on our faculty (starting in 2009). Once a week there are special lectures in the evenings of Czech and abroad IT professionals. The series aims at students, CTU employees, and professionals in informatics. Admission is free of chargeThis year lectures take place in the room T9:107 every Monday at 6 p.m. More information about the lectures can be found in this page

FIT offers education in the most advanced fields

Take the Data Scientist as an example. It is considered by many as the sexiest job of the 21st century. For upcoming academic year, we prepared new bachelor specialization in Knowledge Engineering based on our master specialization that is increasingly popular year by year. This specialization is intended to prepare you for a successful data scientist carrier. Recently opened data science lab provides support to students with a data mining passion. For example, students of the second year won the scientific competition under the guidance of Tomas Borovicka from Datalab. As aspiring data scientist you can join our research activities, for example in automation of data mining (within Modgenlab, joint research laboratory of our faculty and Modgen company) or many other projects with research oriented companies. Thanks to our Portal for collaboration with industry you can work on real problems with real data and get practical skills during your studies.

Prof. Svoboda Series of Distinguished Lectures

The Faculty of Information Technology of the Czech Technical University in Prague establishes in 2013 a series of lectures in informatics that will be delivered by internationally distinguished guest speakers.
The series is named in honor of Prof. Antonin Svoboda, a Czech scientist who became one of the internationally recognized founders of computer science. The aim of this lecture series is to bring to the CTU community internationally renowned experts who significantly contributed to the field of informatics. 

Last modified: 19.1.2017, 13:20