Office of Study

At the Office of Study with their study officers, bachelor and master students solve the usual administration associated with the study. More complicated problems and other study matters can be solved with the Vice-Dean for Study Affairs.

Office Hours

The Office of Study can be visited during office hours. Another time of a visit can be arranged by e-mail to your study officer. An appointment with the Vice-Dean for Study Affairs must be first arranged by e-mail.



The usual administration associated with the study, students solve with their study officers. The students with surnames beginning with ⟨A, K⟩ are assigned to Petra Kudrnová and other students ⟨L, Z⟩ have as their study officer Ludmila Facer. Erasmus students are assigned to Hana Křížová. Self-funded students can also contact the bachelor study advisor or the master study advisor. They can help students with the planning of subjects or with the overcoming obstacles during the study.

Ivana Dolejšová - profile

Ivana Dolejšová

Head of Office of Study

administration of fees, scholarships and lifelong learning

Hana Křížová - profile

Hana Křížová

Officer for Erasmus students

Czech study program students A–Kal

Petra Kudrnová - profile

Petra Kudrnová

Officer for English study program students A–K

Czech study program students Kam–Ple and administration of admissions

Ludmila Facer - profile

Ludmila Facer

Officer for English study program students L–Z

Czech study program students Plí–Ž

Libuše Pochová - profile

Libuše Pochová

Officer for final state examinations

Ivan Halaška - profile

Ing. Ivan Halaška

Faculty administrator of the KOS system


The Office of Study is located on the 3rd floor of the New Building CTU. The officers for the final state examinations can be found on the 10th floor of the Building A. For a written contact, use the following address:

  1. Czech Technical University in Prague
  2. Faculty of Information Technology
  3. Office of Study
  4. Thákurova 9
  5. 160 00 Praha 6
  6. Czech Republic
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