Master thesis and State Final Examination

Master study programme is completed by Master thesis (MT) and State Final Examination (SFE). Before a student can register to the course MI-DIP, he/she has to have approved MT topic registered in the system Final Theses. It is the student in collaboration with the thesis supervisor who formulate the MT topic; the department responsible for the education in the relevant branch of study/specification (i.e., the Department Approver) then inspects the topic, final control comes from the dean (i.e., the Faculty Approver). Details are defined in Dean’s Directive No. 38/2019 for Final Thesis and the State Final Examination at the Faculty of Information Technology of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Sequence of steps for graduation:

  1. A student chooses a branch of study/specialization for his/her MT and for SFE.
  2. The student registers for the course MIE-MPR Master Project (recommended in the third semester).
  3. The student chooses a Generally outlined thesis topic (GOTT) in the system Final Theses.
  4. The student contacts his/her MT supervisor and together they fine-tune the MT topic so that it is approvable in the Final Theses system.
  5. The student surveys the literature on the topic and existing solutions or implementations thereof; he/she proposes the outline of the MT and then he/she begins to write the MT to the extent to which they agreed with the supervisor.
  6. The MT supervisor assigns the student an assessment for the course MIE-MPR.
  7. The student registers for the course MIE-DIP and works on his/her MT.
  8. The student submits the MT.
  9. The student registers for MSFE.
  10. The student closes his/her study plan (curriculum).
  11. The student defends his/her MT and passes his/her MSFE.

Need-to-know for MSFE


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