Networking Research Group

We are a young research team focussed on wireless computer networks and technologies. Our research areas cover various aspects of the digital radio communications, like transmitting data with limited computing and radio power, long distance communications, and security. We are interested in both building specific hardware and developing special communication protocols for security, survivability, and non-selfish behaviour of radio transmissions in dense networks. Another promising research direction is the possibility of using the principles applied in wireless transmissions to power-line communications (data transmissions in the unshielded electrical cables). The applications for antenna arrays can be thus applied to many other areas than just wireless.


  • Ad-hoc networks security and non-selfishness
  • Anisotropy in radio telecommunications
  • Distributed antenna arrays
  • Improving the transmission ranges of wireless telecommunications
  • Power-line communication




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Ing. Alexandru Moucha, Ph.D.

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