Office of Public Relations

The Office of Public Relations provides internal and external communication, including promotion and marketing activities of the faculty. It gets feedback from the public, present and prospective students, employees, and companies. It provides information about the faculty activities and the results achieved by the faculty.

The office provides the following activities:

  • Organisation of faculty and university events and projects.
  • Support for student activities.
  • Presentation of the faculty on social networks—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Establishing relationships with secondary schools and prospective students.
  • Publishing press releases and contact with the media.
  • Sale of promotional items.

Outside the scope of the Office of Public Relations, there are the Cooperation with Industry partnership project and advertising jobs on the faculty website. Contact person for the Cooperation with Industry portal is Ing. Lucie Kolomazníková. To advertise jobs on the faculty website, please contact Ing. Dagmar Malá.


The office organises faculty events aimed at bringing experts with professional experience at the FIT. As a result, they help the faculty to get closer to those interested in studying and to the general public. This includes events:

The office also participates in organising university events and conferences held at the faculty. It also helps to organise events held by the FIT++ student club.


If you are interested in cooperating or promoting your activities, please contact our PR managers. We also welcome your ideas, questions or comments. The Office of Public Relations is located in the T9:313 room on the 3rd floor of the New Building CTU.

Josef Kolář - profile

doc. RNDr. Josef Kolář, CSc.

Vice-Dean for Public Relations


Jiřina Scholtzová - profile

RNDr. Jiřina Scholtzová, Ph.D.

Deputy Head of the Office of Public Relations

Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Theoretical Computer Science

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