Prague PostgreSQL Developers Day 2018

Prague PostgreSQL Developers Day 2018

The eleventh year of the Prague PostgreSQL Developers Day conference will take place on February 14–15 at the Faculty of Information Technology, CTU. The two-day event will offer workshops and lectures about the PostgreSQL open-source database. Bruce Momjian, a founding member of the PostgreSQL core team, will also lecture on the conference. The event is paid and registration is required. The faculty has several free tickets for students available for Thursday program. For more information, contact Michal Valenta.


The conference is focused on the relational and open-source PostgreSQL database system. Lectures and workshops are about its usage in practice, basics of administration, news in current versions, configuration, development of stored procedures, migration, flexible indexing, etc.

P2D2 - lecture
The lecture of Bruce Momjian


The conference program offers workshops and lectures in both Czech and English. The first day is a half-day workshops for a smaller number of participants. Participants of workshops must explicitly sign up. The second day of the event is devoted to 45-minute lectures.

One of the lecturers is Bruce Momjian, who will have a lecture Flexible Indexing with Postgres on Thursday, at 15:10. Bruce is a founding member of the PostgreSQL core team and has been working with this database system since 1996.

About the Event

The conference is intended for application developers, PostgreSQL database administrators, and students. Admission to workshops is CZK 500. Admission to Thursday lectures is CZK 150 for students and members of the CSPUG, for others it is CZK 300. The payment instructions are described on the registration form.

The faculty has free tickets available for ten students for Thursday program. For serious candidates, it might be free tickets available at Wednesday workshops. If you are interested, please contact Michal Valenta.

Event type
Czech and Slovak PostgreSQL User Group (CSPUG)
February 14–15, 2018
New Building CTU
Thákurova 9, Prague 6
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Prague PostgreSQL Developers Day 2018


Prague PostgreSQL Developers Day will be held at the Dejvice Campus at the premises of the CTU New Building—Thákurova 9, Prague 6. The conference is organized under the auspices of the Czech and Slovak PostgreSQL User Group (CSPUG). The goal of this association of Czech and Slovak PostgreSQL users is to promote and support the use of this open-source database. If you have any questions about this event, please send an e-mail to

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