Knowledge Engineering Master Branch

The Knowledge Engineering study branch is focused on the automated information retrieval and knowledge acquisition from data. Graduates of this study branch are primarily able to operate with tools for extraction important information from data and represent this information in the form of models. The guaranteeing department of the branch is the Department of Applied Mathematics. The branch is taught only in the Czech language.

This branch is directly connected to the current Bachelor Degree Study Programme Informatics, especially the Knowledge Engineering bachelor branch. However, the branch is also suitable for graduates of similar bachelor informatics programmes. Applicants attend the admission procedure to the Study Program Informatics, they choose the specialization/branch during the study.

Acquired Skills and Knowledge

The aim of the branch is to acquaint students with issues of the acquiring information from various data sources (business databases, information systems, and websites). Students of the Knowledge Engineering branch obtain the knowledge about information and data acquisition, especially about these issues:

  • Working with databases and information systems
  • Advanced statistical methods
  • Data mining from different sources
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Implementation of decision support systems

Professional Profile

Graduates of this study branch find jobs as data analysts and specialists in acquiring new knowledge from data, which can then be used by the company to make decisions and to create new strategies. Graduates are able to offer software solutions tailored to a specific company or service in the field of data mining and advanced analyzes.

Branch Courses

Graduates of this study branch gain professional knowledge in the information retrieval and the acquisition from data sources. The study plan and the recommended study pathway are available in the White Book. The compulsory courses of the branch are:


The guaranteeing department of the branch is the Department of Applied Mathematics. Doc. Marcel Jiřina is the branch guarantor. If you have any questions about the admission procedure, please contact the Office of Study.

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doc. RNDr. Ing. Marcel Jiřina, Ph.D.

Guarantor of the Knowledge Engineering Master Branch


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