Productive and Scalable Software Engineering

Lecture: Productive and Scalable Software Engineering
Lecturer: Jaroslavs Samčuks, Google
Date & time: April 28, 2010, 17:00–19:00
Venue: Balling hall, Technical Library, Prague
Language: English


Abstract of the lecture: Software engineering is the process of 1) analyzing; 2) designing; and 3) implementing and modifying software. An important requirement is to make the software reliable, accessible, faster and maintainable. How to meet these requirements if there is only one developper working on a project? And how the situation will change if there are hundreds of engineers crafting the same product? What is the cost of the software development in such a case? How a software company should minimize the costs in such environment? This lecture will investigate how to understand these tradeoffs. We will discuss:

  • An introduction to Test Driven SW Development (TDD)
  • TDD best practices
  • Top notch tools and scientific approaches like Testability


Short CV of Jaroslavs Samčuks: Jaroslavs Samčuks is a productivity engineer (Software Engineer in Test) working for Google and YouTube, crafting utilities helping to tune development environment, internal data-debugging tools, etc.

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