Successful Presentation and Lecture

Lecture: Successful Presentation and Lecture
Lecturer: Mgr. Marcela Janíčková, lecturer and consultant, AV Media, s.r.o.
Date & time: March 24, 2010, 17:00–19:00
Venue: Balling hall, Technical Library, Prague
Language: English


Purpose of training:

  • To become familiar with possible use of interactive gadgets in order to liven lectures
  • To strengthen skills to lecture professionally and to perform in public (e.g. conferences, scientific seminars)


Who is it destined for:

  • Lecturers at FIT CTU
  • Students at FIT CTU
  • Faculty staff or students from other faculties of CTU who are interested in


At training you will learnt about:

  • How to attract and hold attention of listeners
  • Expressive body language of lecturer
  • When and how to involve listeners and visual gadgets into a lecture
  • Tips and well-established practices to use technical equipment of lecture halls


Short CV of Marcela Janíčková: Marcela Janíčková is a trainer and consultant of soft skills. She has 10 years training experience, specializes in courses of communication and presentation skills. She studied sociology—andragogy (Adult Education) at Palacky University in Olomouc. She spent 5 years as the head of Presentation University of AV MEDIA company. Then she worked as Communication Quality Supervisor in Telefónica O2 and provided internal training and coaching of Team Leaders. Now she is responsible for leading of on-line education portal

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