The future landscape of IT industry in the cloud domputing era

Lecture: The future landscape of IT industry in the cloud domputing era
Lecturer: Mgr. Jiří Donát, Ph.D., Associated Director, A.T. Kearney
Time: Wednesday October 2011, 6–8 p.m., FIT CTU in Prague
Venue: NB CTU in Prague, FIT, Thakurova 9, Prague 6, T9:349

In this lecture we will discuss a new form of IT industry, which will bring the emerging Cloud computing time and whose form is beginning to be evident already today - for example in strengthening the role of outsourcing in corporate information systems or in a massive increase of the consumer electronics business. The roots of this change lie in the fact that the prevailing method of operating IT applications and delivering IT services is being changed: instead of the customer, increasingly specialist firms are operating the applications. As a result, the main business model of IT is will gradually change, and this will consequently change also the entire organization of IT industry, or if you will, the IT landscape. When discussing the possible future IT industry landscape we will learn from the history and will use analogies with a similar fundamental change in the IT industry that has already happened during the transition from the mainframe era to the era of PC.

·         Three stages of development of IT industry: the era of mainframe computers, the PC era, the era of consumer electronics
·         An alternative view: the era before commercial software, the commercial software era, the era of cloud
·         Why the business model based on commercial software will end
·         Analogies between the transition to the cloud and transition to the PC era
·         Vertical arrangement of the IT industry at the time of mainframe computers
·         Horizontal arrangement of the IT industry at the time of the PC
·         Discussion of the shape of IT industry at the time of Cloud computing. Which new roles will take today's players

About the lecturer:
Mgr. Jiri Donat, Ph.D., studied Mathematics and Physics at Charles University and doctoral study in Computer Science at the Faculty of Transport Engineering of Czech Technical University. He worked first in the Academy of Sciences, and since 1989 held various managerial positions in IT and telecommunications companies. Among other things, Jiri worked as Country Manager for software company Lotus Development, as Country Manager for telecommunications company Nortel, as a Senior Manager for a “Big 4” consulting firm Deloitte and currently he is working as the Associated Director of the global consulting firm AT Kearney. In his professional life Jiri worked on a number of IT projects in Europe and Asia, including India, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. He wrote three books in the field of IT and numerous articles. In addition to focusing on his consulting career Jiri also teaches master programs at the University of Economic Prague and the Faculty of IT of Czech Technical University, as well as MBA programs at the Masaryk Institute of Czech Technical University, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, and the University of Northern Virginia.
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