Learn Java the Hard Way: Write the Java VM Yourself

Lecture: Learn Java the Hard Way: Write the Java VM Yourself
Lecturer:   Jan Vraný (Caesar Systems, FIT CTU)
Date and time: 27th April 2015, 6–7:30 p.m
Place:      FIT CTU in Prague, 9 Thákurova Street, New Building CTU, lecture room T9:111
Language: English

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For the last three years we've been working on a STX:LIBJAVA, a Java virtual machine implementation for Smalltalk/X programming environment. In this talk we'll first briefly describe STX:LIBJAVA and it's goals and design. Then we'll describe challenges and solutions to problems that arose as we progressed with the project. We'll talk about class linkage and name resolving, class loader support, monitor signalling, exception handling, JIT compilation, interoperability features and finally about runtime code updates.

If time allows, we'll also show a short live demo of running STX:LIBJAVA.

Short CV:                                 

Jan Vrany is a Smalltalk enthusiast since his university studies. Since the very beginning he's using Smalltalk/X for all his development and research. Computer-wise, his primary interests are programming languages, virtual machines and multi-language programming environments. He obtained his PhD in 2010 from the Czech Technical University in Prague. Now he works as an engineer and a researcher at Caesar Systems and CTU FIT.
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