3D Printing, a short history and a lot of future

Lecture:   3D Printing, a short history and a lot of future
Lecturer:     Dolf Veenvliet
Date and time: 14th April 2014, 6–7:30 p.m.
Place:       FIT CTU in Prague, 9 Thákurova Street, New Building CTU, lecture room T9:107
Language: English
3D Printing is a term that you might be reading a lot. A lot of things make the news because they have been 3D printed for the first time. A woman recently got her entire skull replaced by a 3D printed copy. Your grandparents may well get a 3D printed hearing device. A duck had his entire foot replaced! People are working hard on printing entire homes, and even a car. What does all this mean... are we replacing traditional manufacturing with new means? Or... may we create completely new products, and perhaps start thinking about them in a completely new way? In this lecture we'll have a look at what is happening, and, how it might reach all our homes. How maybe, you can use it yourself.
The lecture consists of: 
  • What is 3D Printing?
  • A short history of 3D Printing (both technological and personal)
  • How free software and hardware are integral to 3D Printing.
  • What printers there are.
  • What this new technology means to the way we manufacture/make things.
  • How design is changing because of 3D printing (generative design and customisation)
  • What is to come.
  • How you can get involved and or, how you can get something printed yourself.
  • Questions/discussion


Short CV:

Dolf Veenvliet has a degree in Monumental art. He has been working with 3D and generative design for over a decade. A large section of this period he spent specialising in 3D print related productions. Both together with other designers and companies (for instance shapeways) and on his own projects. In 2013 he worked with the Blender Foundation to create the Blender for 3D Printing training DVD. He currently specialises in generative design and customisation of products.
Some links to Dolf's own projects:


Free entrance.

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