Enterprise engineering based IT systems for organizations

Lecture:   Enterprise engineering based IT systems for organizations
Lecturer:     Steven van Kervel (ForMetis Consultants)
Date and time: 17th February 2014, 6–7:30 p.m.
Place:       FIT CTU in Prague, 9 Thákurova Street, New Building CTU, lecture room T9:107
Language: English


State of the art IT system engineering for enterprises fails; the 3 major symptoms of problems being 
i) lacking business-IT alignment;
ii) uncontrollable growing need of resources, and
iii) resisting ongoing evolution of IT systems.
It is observed that state of the art IT engineering for enterprises lacks solid scientific foundations, formal rigor and it is hypothesized that these flaws are the main causes of the symptoms.
An enterprise engineering - DEMO based approach for enterprise IT systems, well founded on
scientific theories and formal rigor, is a new and a radically different paradigm. It may solve the mentioned symptoms.
The lecture consists of: 
1. An overview of the enterprise engineering approach, which includes:
  • The notions of a model, an ontology, an enterprise, the engineering sciences, empirical sciences.
  • Modeling and engineering of enterprises, using DEMO.
  • Model driven enterprise IT systems with DEMO models and the software DEMO engine.
  • DEMO Model simulation, prescriptive IT systems, enterprise control, workflow. 
  • DEMO Model validation, an assessment of the functional quality of an enterprise model, incremental improvements.
  • The enterprise operating system; concepts, abstractions, function.
  • Process mining, descriptive IT systems, the operational control cycle.
2. Some examples, including the first DEMO engine IT system in full production.
3. Specific application domains of great practical importance: governance, risk and compliance (GRC). 
4. Future research topics.
5. Discussion

Short CV of Lecturer:

Formetis BV is a successful Dutch company. They are Enterprise Engineers. Their customers are large and complex enterprises that are faced with the challenges of efficiency and effectiveness in production, compliance to external regulations, implementation of governance principles, and control of risks from various directions. Enterprise engineering is directed at finding solutions to these challenges, designing organizations in such a way that these challenges are solved, and develop information systems to support these enterprises. ForMetis is involved in fundamental research and applying the results of this research to the benefit of their customers. In this way Formetis bridges the gap between science and the professional world.

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