Analysis of the cyberattacks from March 2013

Lecture:   Analysis of the cyberattacks from March 2013
Lecturer:     Ing. Tomáš Košňar, CESNET z. s. p. o.
Date and time: 4th April 2013, 6–7:30 p.m. (Thursday)
Place:       FIT CTU in Prague, 9 Thákurova Street, New Building CTU, lecture room T9:155


Czech Internet community experienced series of attacks on its significant information resources during the week starting on March the 4th 2013. The talk will focus on technical aspects of these attacks, on their characteristics from perspective of CESNET e-infrastructure, and within the scope of expected discussion also on possibilities of detection and defence against this type of attacks. 


Short CV:

Author is specialized in development of techniques and tools for large scale infrastructure monitoring and IP traffic analysis. He works for CESNET association and represents CESNET in CZ.NIC and NIX.CZ associations.

Free entrance.


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