How will the arrival of cloud services change the IT business? (a case study of Microsoft)

Lecture:   How will the arrival of cloud services change the IT business? (a case study of Microsoft)
Lecturer:     Mgr. Jiří Donát, Ph.D.
Date and time: 25th March 2013, 6–7:30 p.m.
Place:       FIT CTU in Prague, 9 Thákurova Street, New Building CTU, lecture room T9:107


The lecture aims to demonstrate the fundamental changes that are underway in the IT industry, using the example of Microsoft, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial software, which up till recently dominated the IT industry. We will talk about what could be the future of Microsoft in the era of newly emerging form of IT industry based on selling services instead of commercial software. We will discuss why Microsoft became a manufacturer of  laptops and tablets last year and started to compete with its long-term hardware partners; and how it succeeded in its efforts to enter the growing Internet search and cloud services markets. At the same time, we realize the principal nature of the changes that are currently taking place in the IT industry and how essentially a new approach to existing business must be now implemented even by traditional IT companies.


Short CV:

Jiri Donat, Ph.D., graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University and received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Faculty of Transportation of the Czech Technical University in Prague in 2005. He held various management positions in IT and telco companies, e.g., Country Manager of  Lotus Development, Senior Manager at Deloitte consulting and now Associated Director of AT Kearney. He worked on a number of IT projects in Europe, India, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. He wrote three books on IT. He is also a lecturer at FIT CTU and FIS VSE.


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