Philosophical Grounds of Software Engineering

Lecture: Philosophical Grounds of Software Engineering
Lecturer: Ing. Ivan Ryant
CTU-Faculty of Information Technology & Grammer school, Ústavní str.
Date & time: March 29, 2011, 18.00-20.00 – Tuesday (!!)
Venue: Room MK103, Faculty of Information Technology, CTU, Kolejní 550/2, Prague 6
Language: Czech

Abstract of the Lecture:

Every field of human thinking and every branch of human practice is bound to limits of recognized principles, evident truths, paradigms and conceptual frameworks, conventions established by long experience, methodological guidelines, professional ethics and sacred community values. Some of those limits must get broken, whenever crises come. Software engineers try to give a response to software crisis, but more and more new frameworks and rules are establishes instead of breaking them and solving the crisis. What are the real foundations and true values and what can be swept out without any harm?

There is only one scientific discipline that permanently brings every its preconcept, paradigm and value on trial – and it is philosophy. Thanks to that tireless critical effort, philosophy is the discipline, that creates new paradigms for the others and that articulates what sense they have. And neither meaning, nor purpose, but sense is the source of distinction between good and evil.

We can discover foundations of software engineering by exploring main branches of philosophy: ontology is a firm fundament of conceptual modeling; gnoseology (or epistemology in the anglo-saxon tradition) is a base for requirements gathering; philosophical study of time gives grounds to synchronization of software processes as well as to real time (and makes clear distinction between those two); and finally ethics sheds light on professional conduct.

No ready-made solutions will be presented. Instead, after a brief overview of problems, a discussion is expected to follow.

Short CV of Ivan Ryant:

Ivan Ryant is a software engineer and teacher of informatics and software engineering. He is interested in efforts for fault-free programming and in a search of the role informatics is to play in liberal education. Ivan is a professional member of ACM, and a member of IEEE Computer Society. He does programming and software engineering since 1974.

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Admission is free of charge.

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