Informatics Evenings Lecture Series

A series of lectures called Informatics Evenings has became a tradition on our faculty (starting in 2009). Once a week there are special lectures in the evenings of Czech and abroad IT professionals. The series aims at students, CTU employees, and professionals in informatics. Admission is free of charge.

This year lectures take place in the room T9:111 every Monday at 6 p.m. More information about the lectures in english can be found here.


5th December – The present and future of software testing




16th May – Recommended for you

18th April – C++ vs. Java

14th March – Automate design patterns with PostSharp and aspect-oriented programming

5th October – Retrogame Archeology

Archive of lectures


4th May – Agile Software Development at Skype

27th April – Learn Java the Hard Way: Write the Java VM Yourself

20th March – Introducing software testing - Barclays style

16th March – Artificial intelligence research at Keen Software House

29th September – Introduction to Software Agents and their Applications


14th April – 3D Printing, a short history and a lot of future

17th February – Enterprise engineering based IT systems for organizations

16th December – Eve of Digital Enlightenment

18th November – Laws and Principles for Evolvability in Software Architectures

4th November – The Secrets of SSD - What happens to my data?

21st October – Fuming Acid, Reverse Engineering and Cryptanalysis: Open Sesame in the 21st Century 

7th October – From Milliwatts to PFLOPS

23rd September 2013 – An Intelligent Typing System for Smartphones


29th April 2013  Functional programming and the Clojure language

22th April 2013 - Collaboration of a large open-source project with its community

15th April 2013 - Information system quality measurement  

8th April 2013 – Scala: What makes the difference?

4th April 2013 – Analysis of the cyberattacks from March 2013

25th March 2013 - How will the arrival of cloud services change the IT business? (a case study of Microsoft)

18th March 2013 - Arbology at FIT

11th March 2013 - Tools and techniques for big data analyses

4th March 2013 - High Performance Computing Projects at FIT CTU

25th February 2013 - Technology used for algorithmic trading on world’s financial markets

26th November 2012 - Virtualization: from history to practical deployment

5th November 2012 - Multithreading from hardware to design patterns


12th April 2012 - Developing Applications for iOS

5th April 2012 - History and state-of-the-art of GPU

29th March 2012 - High loaded website optimization

5th October 2011 - The future landscape of IT industry in the cloud computing era

3rd May 2011 – Windows Go Opensource

26th April 2011 – Virtualization and Cloud Computing

19th April 2011 – Low-Power Active Wireless Sensor Node for Structural Health Monitoring

29th March 2011 – Philosophical Grounds of Software Engineering


6th December 2010 – More than enterprise data out-of-the dark into the light

29th November 2010 – Privacy and data protection

1st November 2010 – Security of Web Applications

18th October 2010 – Agile Methods


19th May 2010 – MDA and Code Generators

15th May 2010 – A Complete Break of the Keeloq Code Hopping Scheme and How (In)secure are Real-World Contactless Payment Systems

28th April 2010 – Productive and Scalable Software Engineering

14th April 2010 – Android - workshop

31th March 2010 – Things I would do differently now

24th March 2010 – Successful presentation and lecture

3rd March 2010 – iBatis 3.0

27th January 2010 – IT management včera a dnes, aneb z garáže až do Oracle

13th January – Změna obchodního modelu IT průmyslu, aneb Jakou má Google strategii proti Microsoftu?

17th December 2009 – Jersey workshop

11th December 2009 – Tvorba webových aplikací s Apache Maven



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