The Prague Stringology Conference 2018

On August 27–28, the Prague Stringology Conference 2018 will take place at the Faculty of Information Technology, CTU. The conference program consists of eleven stringology lectures by foreign experts. Among them, there will be also an invited talk by Esko Ukkonen from the University of Helsinki. Members of the Prague Stringology Club will also have a lecture. This research group organizes the entire conference. The conference is paid.


The Prague Stringology Conference deals with stringology and other related topics. The main topics of the conference are:

  • Algorithms and data structures for pattern matching in strings, images, and trees
  • Coding and data compression
  • Bioinformatics
  • Information retrieval
  • String processing algorithms in databases
  • Natural language processing


The conference program has a total of eleven lectures. The invited talk “Discovery of regulatory motifs in DNA” will be presented by Esko Ukkonen, a professor at the University of Helsinki. You can also attend a lecture by the members of the Prague Stringology Club. Ing. Eliška Šestáková, doc. Jan Janoušek, and prof. Bořivoj Melichar will talk about “Constrained Approximate Subtree Matching by Finite Automata”.

About the Event

Full participation in the conference assumes registration and payment of a conference fee. All necessary information is available on the conference website.

Event type
The Prague Stringology Club—research group of the Department of Theoretical Computer Science
August 27–28, 2018
Conference room TH:A-1455, Building A
Thákurova 7, Prague 6
Event website
The Prague Stringology Conference 2018


The conference will take place in the Dejvice Campus in the Building A—Thákurova 7, Prague 76. The conference is organized by the Prague Stringology Club research group. The co-chairs of the Organizing Committee are prof. Jan Holub and Ing. Miroslav Balík, Ph.D. Prof. Jan Holub is also co-chair of the Program Committee.

Jan Holub - profile

prof. Ing. Jan Holub, Ph.D.

Co-Chair of the Program Committee and the Organizing Committee of PSC 2018

Professor at the Department of Theoretical Computer Science

Miroslav Balík - profile

Ing. Miroslav Balík, Ph.D.

Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee of PSC 2018

Vice-Dean for Study Affairs

Person responsible for the content of this page
prof. Ing. Jan Holub, PhD., jan.holub@fit.cvut.czCo-Chair of the Program Committee of PSC

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