Ethical Hacking: Real-World Applications

Ethical Hacking: Real-World Applications

Ethical Hacking: Real-World Applications and Beyond Your Comfort Zone will be held within the Ethical Hacking course (BI-EHA). The lecture will be in English and will take place on April 27 at 16:15 in room T9:105.


Filip Štěpánek from Accenture (Golden FIT Partner) will give us a talk on case studies in “Embedded Systems Hacking”, where he examines hacking consumer electronics (demonstrated on set-top boxes) and smart devices (demonstrated on smart-printers). In the second part called “Pentesting in the Real World”, Martin Hartl from AEC a.s. will share with us case studies from web application security as well as thick client penetration testing domains, and the best for last, testing ATM machines!

About Event

Anyone at FIT CTU is welcome and will definitely benefit from the lecture (feel free to invite your friends). That said, even though both talks are open for all, any discussion assumes familiarity with the basics of ethical hacking/penetration testing or computer security in general so that we can focus on more advanced questions rather than explaining the prerequisites that the students of the Ethical Hacking course (BI-EHA) already know.

Event type
Filip ŠtěpánekAccenture, Golden FIT Partner
Martin HartlAEC a.s.
April 27, 2017, 16:15–17:45
auditorium T9:105, New Building CTU
Thákurova 9, Praha 6
AVC FIT (accessible only to CTU students and employees)

About Lecturers

Filip Štěpánek - profileFilip Štěpánek graduated from FIT CTU in 2013 and currently works as a Security Architect at Accenture. He is part of the Cyber Fusion Center located in Prague that delivers a wide portfolio of IT security services to international clients. His work focuses on performing security testing of embedded systems, smart devices, and Internet of Things. You can meet Filip regularly during the Co@FIT event where he likes to discuss all types of IT security issues.

Martin Hartl - profileMartin Hartl is a former student at FEL CTU who currently works as a penetration tester / ethical hacker at AEC a.s., where he focuses mainly on mobile and web application penetration tests, thick client testing and social engineering. He already devoted time to hacking at nights during his university studies, then gained experience as a system administrator. So far, he has participated in over 100 different computer security projects and holds the CEH certification.

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Course: Ethical Hacking (BI-EHA)
Lecturer: Filip Štěpánek and Martin Hartl
Video recording: Audiovisual Centre of CTU students
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