Smalltalk: Alive and Kicking

Smalltalk: Alive and Kicking, 9th December 2013, 4:15 p.m., National Technical Library, Balling Hall
Lecturer:     Dr. Stéphane Ducasse
Workshop 1: 10th December 2013, from 6 to 9 p.m., room T9:350
Workshop 2: 11th December 2013, from 6 to 9 p.m., room T9:350
Language: English


This presentation will discuss some successes stories around the Smalltalk programming language such AMD 64 bits, OOCL (, MediaGenix (, LAMRC, or Dr. Ducasse will then talk about the Pharo IDE project and the recent advances in Pharo 2.0 and 3.0 alpha. More importantly, Dr. Ducasse will give an overview of all the partners and will show that Pharo is composed of a really strong community of academic partners, research groups and companies. In addition he will stress that Pharo is YOUR open-source platform and that if you start to consider it as it, then suddenly you realise that you want to improve it and that you can get an impact and influence Pharo's future and your future. Dr. Ducasse will finish by a key example showing the essence of object-oriented programming thus proving to the audience that Pharo is one of the best systems for deep understanding of object-oriented programming from its roots.
Short CV:
Dr. Stephane Ducasse leads the RMoD ( team and the president of  ESUG He is an acknowledged expert in the domains of object-oriented language design and reengineering.  He worked on the "traits" concept, a composable groups of methods, which got significant impact. Traits have been introduced in AmbiantTalk and Squeak/Pharo, Perl, PHP and their variation also into Scala and Fortress of SUN Microsystems. Dr. Ducasse is one of the developers of Pharo, a new dynamic language used in industry and academia. He is also expert on software quality, program understanding, program visualizations, reengineering and metamodeling. He is one of the developer of Moose, an open-source software analysis platform  He is working with, a company building dedicated tools for advanced software analysis. He wrote several books, e.g. Pharo by Example and Deep into Pharo.
Free entrance.


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