International relations

Thanks to a wide range of professional activities, participation in international conferences and projects, and study or work stays abroad, FIT academic staff has been able to establish close contacts with universities and research institutions abroad. Such contacts give rise to professional cooperation and mutual student exchanges.

Every year plenty of students are coming to our faculty to study IT. We have exchange programs with universities all over the word, so our teachers have experiences with teaching in english and working with foreign students. Our study programs are available both in english and czech.

For over 15 years, FIT professors have offered courses in English at their previous workplace and have experience teaching foreign students. However, in order to participate in international university cooperation and foreign student exchanges, FIT needs an accredited and established English track. We therefore plan to apply for accreditation of the Bachelor Informatics programme as soon as possible, in order to start the English track in the academic year 2010-2011.

The following list presents an overview of FIT's most important international partners and cooperating organizations. It includes universities that have received or sent exchange students specializing in informatics, as well as institutions with whom FIT professors have established professional contacts and cooperation.

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