Conditions for admission to the Informatics Master degree study programme for the academic year 2015/16

  1. This document sets forth the conditions for admission to the full-time form of the Informatics Master degree study programme (“Informatics MDSP”) conducted in the English language at the Faculty of Information Technology (“FIT”) of the Czech Technical University in Prague (“CTU”).
  2. Admission to the Informatics MDSP is governed by:
  3. Students in this programme pay tuition fee. The amount of the tuition fee and the payment conditions are governed by Appendix 7 to the CTU Statue valid from academic year 2015/2016, the Directive, and a signed study contract between the student and FIT.
  4. Applicants are expected to have a good command of spoken and written English.
  5. To be considered for admission to the Informatics MDSP, applicants must have completed a Bachelor or Master degree programme in Informatics or a similar field.
  6. An applicant enters the admission procedure by submitting a complete application and by paying the fee for the admission procedure. A complete application consists of the application form and other relevant documents specified by the Directive. Details concerning the filling out of the application form, procedures for submitting the relevant documents, amount and payment terms for the fee for the admission procedure, as well as the relevant deadlines, are set forth by the Directive.
  7. The Directive also sets forth the deadline by which the applicants must submit a certified copy of the Bachelor or Master degree diploma and the corresponding Diploma Supplement or official transcripts, and the deadline by which the applicants can apply for an extended deadline to do so. Applicants who fail to submit these documents and do not apply for an extension of the deadline are excluded from the admission procedure.
  8. Applicants are also encouraged to submit evidence of significant academic, professional or other achievements related to Informatics; for example, a list of publications or references to their web pages describing their achievements, student awards such as best thesis awards or best student paper awards, successful participation in student contests, references to successful projects, and so on.
  9. The admission procedure is managed by the Admissions Committee appointed by the Dean.
  10. There is no written or oral entrance examination. Applicants are admitted based on the contents and results of their previous Bachelor or Master degree studies and documented achievements, up to the capacity of the programme.
  11. The capacity of the first year of the Informatics MDSP is set forth by the Directive.
  12. The Directive also sets forth a deadline by which the applicants are informed, by postal and electronic mail, of the admission or non-admission decision.
  13. All documents submitted by an applicant that are in a language other than English, Czech or Slovak shall be accompanied by a certified English, Czech or Slovak translation.

Prague, October 9th 2014

prof. Ing. Pavel Tvrdík, CSc.
Dean of FIT

Approved by the FIT Academic Senate on October 9th 2014.


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