BIE-WMM – Web and Multimedia


Students learn to use the presentation and user interaction side of web technologies. They understand the principles of proper HTML, CSS, and JavaScript design. They learn the basics of PHP scripting and connecting a web application with a database. They are introduced to the techniques of processing multimedia that can be used on the web, such as raster graphics, video, and 3D graphics.

Lectures Program

  1. Fundamentals of the Internet, architecture of an Internet application, HTTP.
  2. [2] HTML.
  3. Document style definition, document layout principles, CSS standard.
  4. Simple client-side application, JavaScript, examples of Java applets.
  5. Advanced JavaScript techniques.
  6. Graphics for the web, processing of photographs and images. Graphics formats, color models.
  7. Server side of a web application. Overview of current technologies.
  8. Introduction to PHP.
  9. Object-oriented programming in PHP.
  10. Web applications based on a database. Database access, separation of database access from the application logic.
  11. Maintaining session status over stateless HTTP connections, cookies, sessions.
  12. Video for the Web, tools and examples.

Labs Program

  1. Introduction to the development environment.
  2. [2] HTML development.
  3. [2] CSS.
  4. Graphics for the Web.
  5. [2] Javascript.
  6. Consultations.
  7. [3] PHP and databases.
  8. Video processing.

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