BIE-UOS – Introduction to Operating Systems


Students gain basic knowledge about operating systems, fundamental concepts in this area, and hands-on experience with UNIX at the level of an advanced user.

Lecture Program

  1. Introduction. Fundamental concepts. History and architecture of OS Unix.
  2. File systems in OS UNIX.
  3. Processes and threads in OS UNIX.
  4. Process identity and access rights in OS UNIX.
  5. Memory management in OS Unix.
  6. Network interface in OS Unix.
  7. Security of OS UNIX.
  8. X Windows.
  9. History and architecture of MS Windows.
  10. Processes and threads in MS Windows.
  11. File systems in MS Windows.
  12. Network interfaces in MS Windows.
  13. Security of MS Windows.

Labs Program

  1. Introduction. GUI. Basic Unix commands.
  2. Introduction to shell, the vi editor.
  3. Basic commands for working with files and directories.
  4. Standard process inputs and outputs. Filters.
  5. Regular expressions. grep command.
  6. sed and awk commands.
  7. Access rights, find command, data backup and data compression.
  8. Processes, exit code, test command.
  9. Variables, shell control commands, command blocks, functions, numeric computations.
  10. User input, processing flags, writing and debugging scripts, task scheduling.
  11. Shell scripting, consultations.
  12. Test, shell scripting.
  13. Make-up test.

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