BIE-TWA – Web Application Design


Students are able to design and implement a complete web application (both the client side and the server side). Students learn to design and implement application with secured access, and are able to use technologies for effective and efficient client-server communication.

Lectures Program

  1. Recap of basic web technologies. Architecture of a web application, HTTP. Motivation for designing web applications.
  2. Separation of the presentation from the application logic, template engines.
  3. Development cycle of a web application.
  4. Security of web applications.
  5. Rapid Application Development applied to web applications.
  6. Introduction to XML, basic concepts and principles.
  7. XML and XSLT.
  8. XML-based technologies, processing XML documents in PHP.
  9. AJAX.
  10. Accessibility of web applications, W3C recommendations.

Labs Program

  1. Introduction to development environment, simple HTML pages.
  2. Client-side scripting: JavaScript.
  3. Handling a simple HTTP request in PHP.
  4. Database layer of a web application.
  5. Keeping session information over stateless HTTP connection, sessions, cookies.
  6. [2] Simple web application with a separate application and presentation logic.
  7. Extensions of the Smarty template engine.
  8. Handling forms with QuickForms.
  9. [3] Individual work on projects.
  10. Presentation of projects.

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