BIE-MGA – Multimedia and Graphics Applications


Students gain practical experience with applications for raster and vector 2D/3D graphics and DTP. They learn basic methods of creating and editing computer graphics. Students also learn the theoretical fundamentals of computer graphics. During the semester, students work on various parts of a complex project involving 2D/3D graphics and DTP.

Lectures Program

  1. Fundamental concepts of computer graphics.
  2. 2D bitmap and vector graphics.
  3. Basic operations in a 2D bitmap editor.
  4. Basic operations in a 2D vector editor.
  5. Printing technology.
  6. [3] 3D graphics.
  7. DTP.
  8. Working in a DTP system.
  9. Typesetting system TeX.

Labs Program

  1. Project consultations.
  2. Introduction to the seminars, project assignment, evaluation criteria.
  3. [3] Working with a 2D bitmap editor.
  4. [2] Working with a 2D vector editor.
  5. [4] Working with a 3D editor.
  6. Working with a DTP system.
  7. TeX.

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