BIE-AWD – Web and DB Server Administration


Students are introduced to the administration of database and web servers and services. Students will be able to install, configure, maintain, test and backup complex systems of database and web services. To provide a balanced overview, students will be introduced to three different database engines: Oracle as a representative of a large commercial system; PostgreSQL as a representative of a complex and advanced open-source, community-developed software; MySQL as the most common database engine to use with the Apache web server.

Lectures Program

  1. Techniques for detecting and debugging problematic SQL queries.
  2. Database engine architecture from the installation, configuration, and backup point of view.
  3. Principles of Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL database engines.
  4. Specifics of Oracle configuration, administration and backup.
  5. Specifics of PostgreSQL configuration, administration and backup.
  6. Specifics of MySQL configuration, administration and backup.
  7. Common maintenance and backup in individual DB engines.
  8. Apache web server – features, architecture, installation.
  9. Apache server configuration and testing. Apache server modules.
  10. Authentication and authorization, security, monitoring access to the server, analysis tools.
  11. Backing up and restoring data, web server integrity.
  12. Integration of MySQL and PHP into a web server, phpMyAdmin.
  13. Proxy server, URL rewriting, optimization, load balancing.

Labs Program

  1. Project assignment.
  2. Project assignment consultations.
  3. [9] Project consultations.
  4. [2] Project presentation.

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